Okay, I ‘m clumsy…like that’s a crime

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Okay, I ‘m clumsy…like that’s a crime
Current mood: sore

I’m an adrenaline junkie, NOT an athlete.
When I lived in Utah, I liked doing really dangerous things that were frankly, WAY out of my league.
Black diamond skiing? You bet!
Level 5 white water rafting? Why not?
Hang gliding? Sounds good to me!
Rappelling? Sure!
Even now, I work with really dangerous criminals. (Danger? Ha! I laugh at danger! Let me rappel into that riot with my Kevlar and my pepper spray! Hi Yah!)

And all of that stuff certainly guarenteed that my hips, beguiling as they may be, certainly weren’t going to rust out before they wore out.

So I fell down the stairs…and yes, I was in a red hot hurry and no, it wasn’t the first time..and broke my hip. Not a bad break. Just bad enough to show up on the xray SO EVEN I COULD SEE IT. Not bad enough for any major drugs though.

In the last two years, I’ve fallen down the stairs half a dozen times and broken my ankle three times (and let me tell you, THAT really hurts).

Oh, I fractured my shoulder, too. I look quite stylish with the sling and the cane. And if you’re laughing? This cane extends my reach by a good 3 feet and can probably fracture your skull.


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