The Kitchen is IN!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

THe new kitchen is IN!!
Current mood: creative

We’ve only been working on this place for EIGHT years…and the kitchen went in today. Well, really, just the cupboards. I haven’t decided on the countertop or the sink yet. I see the faux painter tomorrow to talk about what I want to do with the cabinets. I’m thinking of a dark ivory with a dark brown glazed antiquing. Inside the back wall will be a dark chocolate brown or a really pretty jadite green or a geranium red, to set off the white dishes. The walls are the color of cornmeal. I’m thinking of either polished concrete counters, black granite or some bowling alley wood I picked up at an auction. I have a pretty piece of fabric for the shade (sort of a tailored balloon shade) with a jabot valance in two co-ordinating colors. I think it’s going to look pretty in a tailored sort of way. The kitchen window overlooks the rooftop of the building next door…so we pushed the existing window out so I could have an indoor window box and hung several glass shelves so I can put some pretty doodads to look at, since the view is less than pleasing. The committee is still out as to an island or just an oversized round table I can use as an island. (I like the idea of the round table…it’s already nice and battered and I can use it to cool cookies and stuff. We are still in a quandary about the color for the bedroom walls…i wanted aubergine but i think we are “settling” on a rich chocolate brown. I bought YARDS of really lovely ivory chenille damask for the bedspread and some gorgeous tone on tone striped silk dupioni. I think I have enough pleated ivory ribbon to trim them and some nice chocolate and ivory bobble trim to sew on top of that pleated ribbon. Very rich looking. I have 50 yards of the dupioni, so I can make the curtains very full. There are two windows on either side of the bed and I think I’ll use some of that fabric to shirr on the wall, to show off the carved headboard


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