Took a drive today

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Current mood: ecstatic

We’ve been looking for a little house in Morro Bay. It gets REALLY hot here (last year, 15 straight days of 105+ temps….and then just generally hot days.) THe winter time is equally dismal….fog, fog, and more fog. Dense all day fog. Can’t see the cars in the driveway fog. We both can manage our jobs so that we have three days off, so we could POSSIBLY got out of the heat/fog for half the time.

So, today on this very dark, damp dismal foggy day, we drive over to the coast to look at this little (800 sq ft) house. An hour from home, the sun comes out.

We look at house…it is darling, tiny and has a view of the water. The backyard backs up against a bird sanctuary. There is a bird sanctuary across the street. We can see the golf course.

We bought it


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