Shopping at Target..silly me

First, I guess you have to know that I. Hate. Shopping. I hate having to pick out I don’t care from an aisle filled with who cares non-choices. I hate standing in line. I hate unloading the trolley. I hate, after paying for a trolley load of stuff, having the rent a cop want to look at everything and check to make sure I have a receipt. (That SO bothers me.)

So what I am really looking for are two electric blankets. Acceptable colors are red or navy. Can’t find any.

What I CAN find are slip covers in chenille red or denim for $99 for the hideously flowered love seat/sleeper that I’m not even sure I’m keeping at the beach house. I’m for sure not in the mood to spend $99 right now.

I need a fry pan though and I found a red one, sans lid…the lid was $17. As if.
Found the little silverware plastic deal to fit in the drawer, but it hardly seemed worth standing in line for that. Thought maybe I’d buy dog food…but my shoulder hurt when I tried to hoist the bag into the trolley….so I just left.


One thought on “Shopping at Target..silly me

  1. I hear ya’ Chloe!

    Actually, I don’t mind shopping too much once I get there. It’s the getting there I don’t like. I’d rather stay home and let my fingers do the shopping!


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