Guest bath and front bedroom

This is one of the larger hotel rooms and has six patio slider sized doors, 14 foot ceilings and a sliced crner, overlooking Douty Street. Right now, it is painted almost the same yellow as my kitchen (a little sunnier, but still on the maize side of yellow) . This bedroom and bath were ajoining spaces and this bath was probably the FIRST indoor bathroom in the county. Before plumbing, there was a back staircase and an

outhouse out where the parking lot is now. When water lines were put in, the plumber just whacked into the window casing to put in the water lines. WE think that this bathroom was a room with a toilet, basin, tub and bed in the beginning. The very most interesting this about this hotel is that most of the rooms were intereconnecting. You could rent one, two, three or four rooms, according to your immediate needs and number of family members.

Cooking wasn’t necessary, since Harry’s Cafe was right downstairs and the STAR CAFE was only a block away. (Harry’s is long gone, but we eat at the STAR CAFE about once a week. Good, plain and fast.)

The floor is in (hardwood from Stratford school) and the woodwork has all been redone, so now I have to figure what to do with the room.

In theory, it’s Lisi’s/Guest room but in real life, it will be my sewing room.
We both are plumb sick of quilts, no matter how charming they are, so she and I are thinking of a lighter Paris apartment look. The last three houses we’ve lived in have been heavy on quilts and we want this to have a European look. The trend around here is to call it “Olde Worlde” and is usually seen in brand new tract houses. I want to get the old look by using old stuff.

Here is the tapestry that is our focus fabric…where we are getting all of our colors: it’s a pretty common tapestry called MAGELEAN’S QUEST and has alot of gold and maize, burgandy, purple, crimson, pale maize, olive and sage greens and about a half dozen shades of chocolate, as well a a really pretty ocean storm blue.

I totally fell in love with the fabric, partly because of the gorgeous colors and partly because it went so well with my collection of antique globes. I bought a yard and made a pillow out of it so Icould see if I REALLY liked it in the long run. That was 7 years ago and I still like it.

However, I’m not using the fabric itself much. It will be the piping on the kitchen stool cushions and I’ll use it on the European styled sushion on the fireplace heath (rectangular, over stuffed and floppy) piped with the flat tri colred tassel trim on that particular pillow. I want the tapestry to peek out in every room but only in the teeniest bits so there are no big arrows pointing at it saying “She didn’t think it up by herself! Here’s what she used!”

So these next bunches of photos are tearsheets…what we want is a nice bedrom with two armoires (one for Lisi’s things and one for my sewing.) Of course, she needs a sitting areas to read and a comfy bed.

We’ve actually designed her bed ourselves: it will be a sturdy box, with finished openings for baskets and a lift up area under the matteress for for sleeping bags. heIt is going to be a high bed so the dogs can;t get up on the spread. (When the kids were little, I had a high bed so they would sleep in their own beds. Lisi would get Ben to crank her up to get on and Ben would take a running start and make a flying leap. I think I never slept by myself for about 10 years.)

The comforter will be a down coverlet with something really luxe as a duvet cover.
Remember, these ideas are just the seeds!
I have a footboard in this shape and a different head board like the first one that we’ll strip and wash with a golden glaze. Lisi and I want the bed built on a 14 inch high box, so she can put wicket boxes under the bed for her shoes. We’ll put storage in the center of the bed box for sleeping bags. She wants a soft layered look with a minimum of flowers.


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