What on Earth is Wrong With Me?

I cannot get anything done.
My kitchen is a mess.
My office is a mess.
My library is a mess.
I literally cannot force myself to get anything done. Started, yes. Done? No. I totally lose interest and steam. About all I manage is my physical therapy. And I cry, oh, about 5 hours a day. I must be depressed.

My front room is still piled with boxes and boxes of stuff we took with us (to sell on ebay) from the coffee shop.
Ebay is not the “easy and fun ” way to make money. You do however, get to meet extremely picky and difficult people you are not related to.

Maybe I’ll strip my bed and vacuum upstairs. That sounds like fun.


One thought on “What on Earth is Wrong With Me?

  1. Have you been to see a doctor yet? You know if it were anyone else in your family, you would be frogmarching them there.
    After all you have been through in the last three years – illness, worries about son, damaged shoulder, various ops/procedures, Mr Celery, rebuilding and doing up the hotel and beach house and now this business with your children’s father – it isn’t surprising that you are suffering from the black dog (Winston Churchill’s name for it). Hi thee to someone who can help you, (((((((((((Chloe)))))))))))))).

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