Save me from myself

I cannot add or subtract. I have no idea why people in my home insist that this is a skill I can learn, much less than possess. I cannot do it. So my husband comes home and tells me that I’m about a THOUSAND DOLLARS overdrawn. Really, Hmmm. Let me check my checkbook. Nope. I have $1500 in there. So he checks. I’ve managed to transpose $1000 worth of checks and oopsie, he has used $500 worth of my account accidently for Paypal. (I’ve done it, too…no big deal…I just need to be informed.)

So it’s NOT my fault. I’m dyslexic.

Of course, that is like telling the officer that the accident isn’t my fault because I’m drunk.

But it’s the only REASON I have. Not an excuse….because it is the truth.

And I’m sticking to it.


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