The fight is over. The world won.

I give up.
I have been dizzy since November. I have taken every test humanly available. Obviously, I didn;t study too well because I haven’t passed a single one.

It looks like I am going to be sent to some fancy pantsy teaching hospital for more tests…although why, I don’t know. I didn’t go to medical school so there is no doubt in my mind that I will fail all of their tests as well.

Boo Hoo. I am sitting here with a monster migraine and I simply cannot get the energy up to ask to be taken to the ER for a shot. Maybe this is the headache that will kill me. There is a wee angry little man, with a pickax trying escape thru my eye socket. There is another equally wee, equally angry little man who is determined to hammer thru my cheekbones while climbing up my molars.

I have been weeding today until my hands started to bleed, so I knocked that off. I have, oh, maybe another 60 or 70 hours of weeding to do. I have to say, it really takes out the pleasure of having a nice yard.

THEN…and this is such a wee little complaint that it hardly counts. My spouse wanted to know exactly when I was going to get the office cleaned up. He is sick of looking at the mess when he opens the door. (There is nothing in that room that belongs to him; that he uses; that he owns. He has never, in ten years, set foot in the office.)

I was only weeding because it was something I can do without falling on my head. When you spent the entire day crawling on the ground on your hands and knees, it makes little matter if you fall over. BUT, by all that is holy, that office will be clean tomorrow. I will open all the windows and if all of the stooping and bending makes me dizzy….I don’t even care.

The merry-go-round that is constantly spinning outside of my head is way more than I can deal with. This is no kind of life. It is just miserable.


One thought on “The fight is over. The world won.

  1. Oh Chloe – I am so sorry you are having to suffer like this. I woke with a migraine this morning, so the thought of your pain is awful -you poor poor thing!
    Maybe, just maybe, this visit to the teaching hospital will be the thing that sorts everything out. Your hubby’s query was not tactful at such a time. I wish he could be more supportive, but maybe he is frightened because you are usually the capable one…
    (((((((((((((((Chloe with dirty knees)))))))))))))

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