Cinco de Mayo Weekend

Spending it at the beach house, where there is nice weather AND a car show. I brought my knitting and camera, so I can post photos of my weekend. Right now, I’m knitting and drinking root beer…my new favorite. I weeded about a month ago, so I have no weeds, just seedlings coming up. I need to water and then I’m sitting in the sun with my afgan…which has a give away date of NEXT Sunday and two more balls of yarn to finish. Then, like with the yellow, I am DONE with pink for a while.

I haven’t driven since NOVEMBER and being Miss Daisy is a drag. I am sick of weeding, sick of cleaning and sick sick sick of being stuck at home.

I am still dizzy but since no one can figure out why, it is as if I am not dizzy. So I am going in on Tuesday to my primary and see if I can get released to dizzy my way back to work. I need to go back to work to finance the furnishing of the hotel.


Nope. I am grounded until June. There is another neurologist in my immediate future. I can just be dizzy at home until one magic day I’m not (hey! could happen) or I medically retire, which is not as good a financial option as getting knocked on the head by an inmate at work.

3 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo Weekend

  1. I am glad you will be able to go to work again soon although I don’t understand the “miracle.” I am just happy for you.

    I am also happy for me that I will get to “see” more of the hotel soon. BTW, did son fix your website? It doesn’t load for me. I would like to refresh my view of your re-construcion. Did hubby get the elevator in now?

    The other thing I am wondering about is why your blog is the only one I have to verify that I am a human being in order to post a comment?????????

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