To verify or not to verify

This blog must be spam heaven for every scam and ad on the planet. I tried unchecking the “no verification” dot…and the floodwaters opened. I must have had 500 comments, none of which I was interested in.

The reason I left MySpace was because my in-box was flooded with photos from adults who thought that pictures of their genitalia was the same as conversation. IMO, flooding my in box with spam is just about the same thing.

So for now, you posters will have to verify that you are human when you post. I know, not every blog requires this, but I am not willing to wade thru lines and lines and lines of junk to read one pithy comment.

One day, there will be a spamonly site, and the spammers can write to each other and leave me OUT of it!


5 thoughts on “To verify or not to verify

  1. Sorry to hear that. Only at the beginning did I get two comments that were just junk. . . my old eyes will just have to look at those crazy letters, I guess.

  2. Hey, CHLOE!!!!!

    You want to play tag? I tagged you on my blog today. Would love to have you blog a tag too. Please see my post. THANKS!

  3. I like the security of people having to sign in anyway. I have my comment setting on checked – it means I get to see the comments before they even arrive on my site :o)
    Good to see you posting more again…

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