Transom windows

Mike is building the stained glass for the transoms. Each one of the interior rooms has a transom over the door (this was an old hotel). He works on them between appointments…or if I’m there like this weekend, I’ll work on one of my projects and he’ll work on them. He has 9 done…2 to go. This particular pattern has 87 pieces, with something like 350-400 cuts, with 360 solder joints…so this is a very pickety project. (It’s not a hobby…too complicated.)

This photo is the original English window pattern I found, called “Aquitane Rose”.

We bought all of our glass at Scarab Glass in Fresno. We’ve been there so many time that I can find it right off the freeway and then get back ON the freeway, instead of trying to meander across town, which is what we did in the beginning.

I took my tapestry fabric with me and then just sort of let Mike and the gal from the shop choose the colors. It was sort of funny…they would hold up two pieces to the light and say “So, how do you like this?” Heck, I didn’t know! No idea what I was looking at. Or for.

They are so helpful there…when I am picking out glass, they act as if I know what I’m doing.

But the finished product looks great, propped in the shop window!



4 thoughts on “Transom windows

  1. It is soooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing. I can hardly wait to see it in place.

    Did you ever get the website fixed?

  2. Chloe, the pics are lovely to see. It’s so interesting to hear about the work being put into the hotel and see how beautifully it is all developing.

    I know what you mean about sanding, boring, boring, boring. Mind you, I have been creosoting this week, miles and miles of fences, and that has to challenge the sanding. My back aches in places I didn’t know I still had muscles!

    Mr Chloe is a talented man. The stained glass looks great.

  3. The windows are breathtakingly gorgeous! What a beautiful design.

    I would like to see the work in progress sometime. I travel up the 99 several times a year to see my sister in Sacramento.

    Is Mike the infamous “darling?”


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