Well, I learned something last night

All you people who “party hard”?
I know what that means now.
It is a secret code phrase for “I puked all night”.

I don’t drink. Well, I drink so seldom that it can be considered almost never. I had A peach cooler the day after I had my daughter, almost 20 years ago. I had a glass of champagne when Natalie got married, 9 years ago. So while I do drink on occasion, it has usually got to BE an occasion.

So yesterday, I thought maybe, instead of drugging myself out of headache, I thought maybe I would just have a glass of wine. I’m in the middle of California wine country…surely it comes with the territory. I checked all my pill bottles and made sure that I was outside of my dosage times. Then I had a dinky little bottle (from one of those four packs) of some kind of apple margarita kind of thing. Tasted like zippy apple juice. I didn’t even FINISH the bottle before I started the worship of the porcelain.

Party hearty, indeed.


2 thoughts on “Well, I learned something last night

  1. Sorry to hear that! I like wine and an occasional Daquiri too but I hardly ever think to buy some. . . now when I lived in California, I always had some at my favorite restaurant with dinner.

    I enjoy drinking these but had forgotten that I am now on prescription meds and had a glass of wine a couple months ago at a friend’s when we went to learn how to make jewelry. I didn’t have any bad effects so guess it was ok.

    Aso, they talk about better ehalth for those drinking a glass of wine a day — been thinking about looking into that. Ü

    Sorry you were not doing well with yours.

  2. Ew. I’d probably be praying to the porcelain gods with one of those things, too. Ick. Mostly sugar. No real relation to actual wine. They’re the dregs, gir. You’d do better with Andre cold duck. Shudder. If you ever get the urge again, get a split (small bottle) of a real wine. Not one of those over-processed excuses for a headache. Hope you got over it quickly.

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