No rest for the wicked and I have been bad bad Very Bad

No headache yesterday…and it was marvelous! Freeing! Glorious! Far better than fabulous., I felt like Brittney on the top of her game.

Got up this morning at 5, filled with love for my fellow man…early morning for me is just the best. The sky, the air–all so fragrant. Another chance to get it right, since the day isn’t old enough to have me foul it up yest. Little sewing projects all organized and ready to go for when I get home.

Obviously the universe had other plans for me.

Giant 0-60 migraine at 5:14. I took my ‘rescue” medicines which I could have stuck in my eyelid and done as much. I didn’t cry, since I was so past that. Went to the clinic and shot up with some new stuff, with a warning that I was NOT to drive. (very little persuasion there. No desire to go anyway but home).

Took a nap most of the day, when I woke up with the worst of all headache. Puking, not crying, so it is a step down from the famous Migraine of last week. However this one was pretty intense, like the last moments of childbirth.

I call and BEGGED for another shot., “What would you like” Rat poison sounds good. Ground glass. Whack me on the head with something heavy, there in the exam room.

Go shop up again with I’m not sure what, no do I care. Arsenic sounded good to me.

So now I have blessed relief. My eyes are crossing but so far no hallucinations.I feel much better. If I was a surgeon, I would specialize in Migraine and I’d be called Dr. Migraine. I would be one kick ass diagnostician.

On the flip side, I’ve started Cher’s baby sampler. After this, I’m starting a Baby Surprise sweater for baby Jack, I had the yard specially dyed for him and it is verigated, just for him.

Ruth and Evan have the best “theme”names for those kids and I just love them to bits! I am very close to Ruthies’ mom…but Ruthie and her perfect babies just strike a chord with me. She is giving them strong names that might not be au currant but these are passionate, meaningful..always a good thing in life.

Then in two weeks, Inky and I are hitting Yanology in Arroyo Grande. Inky is a totally unique person. She has honed her skills so they actually work out for here and dresses like Whoopie Goldberg–totally true to herself. Another dear, dear friend. The first time I ran into her was in Yarnology…and THERE she was.


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