It just sucks getting older!

Tripping down my staircase today I noticed that my heretofor perky ass was at least an inch to the south.

Mike had taking some auction photos and instead of taking the photos of lovely wife holding on the top piece, he just caught me from my upper lip to my collarbone. Wake up number two.

Then suddenly the pants I always were to work, were snug and just a tag wrinkly AND the white shirts I always wear, with a tank or a t-shirt underneath just looked grimy today., I had nice jewelry on,,,but even that didn’t help.

SO..and this might sound a tad crazy, I went through my entire closet and If I DIDN’T just love it, off it would go,. Same with the shoes and the scarves. If I’m not having a Christie Brinkley moment, I’m not hanging it back up.

At least I have good nails and skin still….but my clothes just were not operating for me.

I just need Black/white/maybe a little yellow or red/ some gray.

And I have to exercise even even more , Because I am not going to turn in to one of those middle aged women who just look sort of solid and square. I just hope I have enough time on the planet to fix myself!

So now I am on the lookout for great pocketbooks and quirky shoes that don’t hurt my feet.

And adult jewelry…or at least stuff that is pretty.


2 thoughts on “It just sucks getting older!

  1. I *so* identify with this, but the Christie Brinkley thing didn’t work for me because I realised it wasn’t the clothes that were the problem, but the body! If I had followed your route, I would have had *nothing* left in the wardrobe. It doesn’t help that I have to constantly sift anyway, because LordT and I share and he has so many shirts that anything I need to hang is crammed against one side and comes out looking the same as it did *before* I ironed it (*if* I ever did!).
    There are clothes hanging from the back of the door, the side of the wardrobe and the door frame. STILL, I have nothing to wear!
    Chloe, become a life laundry person and come and sort me out…please?

  2. LOL I can relate to the clothes thing. . . I have at least 60 shirts I fold and just can’t give away. They don’t fit on hangers with the REST of them. Believe me, I have given some to the Cancer Thrift shop — all my great wonderful sweatshirts!

    Th only new clothes I have bought in three years were to wear to my grand daughter’s wedding and for a job interview. That included three pairs of shoes also.

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