Blame it on Paulie

Darling gave me a fancy Nikon with all kinds of lens do-hickies! I have talked about Paulie’s artistic skill SO MUCH that Darling got me one to play with. I love taking photos of whatever catches my eye…love the way the seasons play out here in the farm belt; love the flotsam and jetsam on the beach and I especially love being in the kayak and snapping nothing in particular.

I will never have the eye that Paulie has. But I can entertain my own self. So the old point and shoot goes to my son, the newer point and shoot just goes in the glovebox (you never know) and the Nikon goes in a camera bag in my car to drag around.

Yesterday, after a bad, bad, very bad day–a Hanibel Lector squared day-I pulled over and smelled the cotton that is baled up on the side of the road. It is a bad year for cotton but it still smells the very same way as it did 55 years ago. Some things just never change. It is’t the smell of clean linens…just the smell of fresh picked cotton on the side of the road.

In my line of work, you take joy when you can. Cotton v Hannibel Lector? No real comparison.


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