Wathching third season of HOUSE

Either I’ve watched way too many medical shows or I’ve spent too much time in the hospital…but I’m watching this and saying stuff like “Oh, that looks way worse than it is” or “Holy moley, that really hurts” or “Doesn’t look like it hurts as bad as a liver biopsie” or my son’s favorite “Remember when they did that to you? You didn’t even know they were doing it!” (I had a bad headache and when they jammed the port in my arm, they blew through the vein. Blood everywhere. Didn’t hurt, since I had a roofing hammer in my head.)

Ya think?

We’re over at the beach and it’s raining. Ben has been doing his gourmet chef thing…he can throw down…went out to the range and shot until the weather got really wet (yes, we are crazy). I want to go out to the beach to take photos tomorrow (I have that fancy pantsy new Nikon) and we’re going out again tomorrow to shoot if it is dry. I took my Saturday sky photo right off my back steps with some BFA lense, as long as my arm.


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