My bag is packed

Shaved my legs.
Bought some new jeans.
Finished up buying for Christmas.
So now I have PLENTY of time to surf the ‘net and see what iti s I am getting myself into. My idea of bzzzzzt, staple and three days (sort of my own version of brain surgery catch and release) isn’t EXACTLY what is in store for me.

I went over to my mother’s today and she is in one dramatic upset state. My sister, who is a NP and told her that I might not me coming home (this I knew but have tried to just ignore…I’m good at ignoring reality that doesn’t fit with my own personal view of the world). SHE is beside herself. Here she is getting ready to go into a nursing home and here I am, having my head drilled into. Girlie pipes up “You two could be cellies!!” which just struck me as just too funny.

HOWEVER….and this is so rotten of me….I am going to pretend I don’t recognize anyone when I wake up. I just gotta remember who I’m going to think they are. My Da thought I was Marie Jones, Wendy Jones’s wife for years….

Thanks for all of the good thoughts. I am scared to death.


4 thoughts on “My bag is packed

  1. {{{{{{{{{{Chloe}}}}}}}}}}}

    There’s lots more work for you to do on earth so you are going to do fine. Just think! NO MORE terrible headaches. . .

    BTW, Moms will always worry so let her fuss as that’s how she can get through this too.

    Prayers coming for your whole family, including your Mom.

    OMG!!!! No stupid letters to copy to prove I am not a robot. . . Hurrah!

  2. Hang in there, Little One.

    You still have battles to fight, whether you like it or not. It is good for your mother to focus outside herself for once.

  3. You’re in my prayers, Chloe. I’ll be thinking of you/praying for you until I hear differently. I’m over here from Tnet–just wanted you to know that even the lurkers are rooting for you!

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