And a welcome to Miss Illiana Marie

My friend Cher is having a new baby grand daughter and wanted a simple little cross-stitched poem , suitable for framing. Well, I can do that! First you find a font you can stand and then you chart out the writing part, line by line. Find the center of each line and off you go to the races. And I mean that literally…I dragged this project EVERYWHERE and was working on it while Lily’s mother was in labor. Every child deserves to have something handmade for them. And knowing Cher…well thiswas just a tiny little project so Miss Lily will knowthae she is loved,loved,loved.


3 thoughts on “And a welcome to Miss Illiana Marie

  1. It turned out beautiful! What a precious baby that received it! I love doing counted cross stitch. I designed many items for friends. I wish I had just half of the things I made for others! The framing is perfect.

  2. Once I finish with these stupid classes, maybe I can get back to my counted cross stitch. I sure hope so.

    Beautiful job, luv.

    As always.

  3. I gave my future daughter in law a book about knitting and some lovely “recycled” silk yarn.

    Turns out the girl only knew how to crochet! Silly me.

    Know what she did? She actually TAUGHT HERSELF how to knit, using the book, the internet, and a lot of tenacity.

    I am thinking of you~

    ;-)Kim (lowdawgs)

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