Home again, home again

And I am ever so glad to be on MY laptop in MY chair with MY dogs. Tomorrow, Girlie will clean out the car, do the laundry and take me in to work to pick up my check. She had a NYE party while we were gone and while she DID do a good job cleaning, there is still confetti here and there. So it looks like she will be up close and personal with the vacuum cleaner in the morning WHEN IT GET UP….which is an entirely different time than she gets up.

I did learn that it is entirely possible to sleep and listen to a book on tape and pretty much know what all is going on.

I found the PERFECT theme for the guest room at the hotel (Paulie, you will love this). I have several antique Chinatown pieces so I am going to finish sanding the two twin beds and have twin bedspreads made in some kind of Chinese flowered fabric. I have a friend who has one of those huge quilting machines, so she will do all the squiggly quilting part. I FOUND an oversized lipstick back love seat, which will also be recovered in something that will go with the spreads. This room is HUGE, so I can have my grandmother’s chair recovered as well. This room will be my sewing room, so the armoire will be sort of Chinese-y looking.

(I have no plans to die today).

THEN, I once we are up there and it is all decorated, I will open it up for fund raisers. All the fundraisees have to do is have it cleaned before and after and I get to keep all the leftover food.
They also have to have a volunteer in each room, so my things don’t walk away.

My first open house will be for our customers (except for the toxic ones) and then I want to do one for the SPCA…the “ticket” will be a bag of dog or cat food.


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