Just a note for my friends

I DO read your comments and I have tried to respond but evidently there is some little tic in my head that is keeping me from doing so. I so appreciate you and as soon as I get this 404 fixed, I will be back to posting like a regular person, instead of whining.

I mihgt even post in English, lol.

Boy-o is coming over today to post photos of the Grand Canyon trip.


3 thoughts on “Just a note for my friends

  1. Hire me as your secretary. I’ll start packing now! You can tell me what you WANT to say ;o)

    Stay strong, Chloe. Pats on the back for Boy-o. Hope all is easy on all of you.

  2. Thanks for your email but it wasn’t necessary. . . Ü

    Look forward to seeing the Grand canyon photos. Thanks Boy-O for me.


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