Putting my life back together

The meds are working (even though I had to get a shot yesterday) and I am slowly getting my life back. I’m looking at my blog and it looks like it just stopped in November, except for the whining. I am still knitting on Girlie’s afghan (chocolate milk brown with alpaca. I think alpaca is French for cat hair). I’m about half done.

Next on the needles is a cardigan for Darling. I bought the buttons almost a year ago AND I still know where they are. It is just plain, since I like a lot of stockinette. I have a pattern (sort of) but am really just using a cardigan he has and using that to figure off. I used to do the same thing with sewing, so I’m hoping that it will work the same way.

On the sewing front, I’m working on the oriental fabric for the bathroom upstairs. I found some sheer fabric with an antique gold plaid to go in the middle of the drapes. I don;t have quite enough to make the curtains as full as I wanted. This plaid will fill it up and the whole window won’t look quite so skimpy.

I have a whopping cold (could not talk all day) but got out in the sunshine to weed a little. I have four days off for President’s Day (new contract…no idea why, because I would prefer TWO three day weekends, which adds up to SIX days, instead of just four days.)

Did I mention that I both found and REPAIRED some massive mistakes at work? They were so huge, so earthshaking that I am surprised that the great, grand and glorious state could even go on functioning with these glaring mistakes. (My job and thus my reports are VERY IMPORTANT.)

Took me about 30 minutes. I have three other reports that are in the very same shape. The one good thing about me is that I will rat myself out in a heartbeat. Because in my business, once you know, someone else will find out and rat you out, so it is just better all the way around to tattle on your own self.

Now for a scary piece of news:
The gal who cuts my hair got an unsolicited letter from an inmate. One of those ‘I saw your picture in the newspaper and you so sexy” letters. Wanted to know what to do. Write a letter to the warden and ask that this inmate NEVER contact you again. Prisons take this VERY seriously, cause inmates are seriously scary, most of the time. Then it becomes a condition of their parole (should they get parole). THEN, if they contact you again, you contact the warden and they get popped for a parole violation.


They can’t be writing you civilians unsolicited letters. You don’t want him to show up on your doorstep or worse, have his buddies show up on your doorstep. There are plenty of women who WANT a penpal in prison that those inmates do not need to drum up business in the free world.

And if the big stamp on the envelope that says MAILED FROM A STATE PRISON doesn;t clue you off, the lined paper and the repeated phrase “very, very, very” should. Most inmates write like fourth graders trying to fill up a page for teacher.


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