I added a stitch…and I got distracted

I’ve been steadily knitting on the back of this sweater for oh, about 24 hours now and JUST NOW noticed that I randomly added a stich and purled 27 of 104 knit stitches.

I patiently dropped each stitch, let it run down and then carefully picked the whole thing back up with a crochet hook. In my usual OCD way, I dropped the stitch on that added stitch and now have this huge wide mess. I guess what I’ll do is pick that line up, leaving the little mistake for fixing when I fix all of my mistakes. I have these little orange plastic safety pin type things that I use to mark every mistake, so I can fix it/them later. I, in a moment of foolishness, bought eight packages of these little darlings, thinking that they would last a lifetime.

That would be just one more misjudgment of mine. I use all of them up on every single project.


3 thoughts on “I added a stitch…and I got distracted

  1. Knowing nothing about knitting, I have no comment directly about it. When you get it finished, take a photo so we can see it.

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