Fighting and mayhem

Had a huge fight break out in class today. Out of nowhere. Everyone was working away and then BAM!!

It never ceases to amaze me when this happens. Nothing seems to start it—no words are exchanges, fists just start to fly. Blood every where.

Hit my alarm, stepped out into the hall and pointed into the class. The squad responded about as fast as it takes to read those words. Everyone hits the floor–except the fighter guys, who are still swinging. Closed class so I could write m y report—all I knew what the who, when and where—no idea why. Never do. Never will.

In my past life, I thought that with enough digging and prying, I could find out the who, when when, where and all important why. Not any more. Most of the time I don’t even CARE why and just chalk it up to my felons=morons theory.

Upcoming changes in the air. My whole class was unassigned and then reassigned, which caused me a ton of paperwork. Exit reports. Close out the entire month. Open up a new class. Retype every piece of information–which is a lot–their ID numbers, housing, reading scores, birth dates, entry dates….and none of this stuff can be cut and pasted. It all has to be keyed in. And I’m a teacher, not a typist, so it is slow going. I have now 30 weeks of packets, to be done in class and 150 individual homework assignments, to be done in-cell. Working on getting my aide classifies as a clerk, so he can make a little more money. (Clerks make 2-5 cents more than an aide does.

Mom is in the nursing home now–she is still moving in and getting things put away. Well, I’m getting things put away! We have all tried to drop by for a little while every day. Yesterday was my big visit. She doesn’t much like it, but then change is always hard for her. She never likes anything new in the beginning.

They leave their inside doors open–another thing Mom doesn’t like. Neither would I.
It is that gradual loss of personal space that would bother me-although she seems much more rested, without all of the responsibilities of the house, cooking, yard and trash to fret about.

Girlie and Boy-o went to Riverside to visit Jackson yesterday and then will spend the morning with Mom’s, hauling out empty boxes. Lisi has finished her final interviews with the new probation officer job, so she is hoping to get the call pretty soon.

Me? Well, today, I’m working on draining the pond and hoping to be able to talk Ben into helping me bucket the goop up and put on the flowerbeds. My daughter, Keri, is coming out in mid June and I’d like the outside to look nice–since that is probably where we will spend most of our time.
All I can hope for for the inside is that it is clean!


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