I’ve got some arranging to do

I go to UC/SF for a few days to have my head checked again, Lisi and Ben are taking me…they are hopping the N Judah to scuttle around town and I am waiting for some icky stuff. Oh, it is always icky, no matter what they do. At least I get to keep my clothes on.
They like to pretend it is painless and clean and Star-Trekky., They lie. THe needles are big and the greatest gift they give e is some Versaid…so it still hurts, but you don’t remember.

THis time they are checking the size (bigger a bet) and deciding on whether they can gamma ray it out.

THe high point is Britex and a SF yard shop. I mean, being scared a lot needs fabric and yarn, dont’cha think? I think there is a direct correlation between being scared witless and retail theraoy or what would the point be exactly?

No point at all. Not one.


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