THey done got on my one last nerve. I am still not my regular sweet self

,Now I feel better and I’m not quite over it over it.
Going to the nursery again today.,,I need some hummer feeders and two fuschia plants to hang…and I’m bringing back my waterfall in three weeks, It is too hot at home for the moss to survive.

I”m putting down an oyster path in the back (I get to pound them with bricks and make a lot of noise) and then I’m, crawling down the property line, weeding and ripping out all the errant bulbs. Bulbs have no business growing where I can’t enjoy them. I have a 100 pound sack of dried bubs and they go in right up against the fence, along with my trumpet vine. (I really do like this digging and toting).

I have to grub under the house and roundup and bleach spray all the vines from the neighbors. I’lll salt the ground down, too. Despite my considerable charm, they could care less that their vines are invading my electrical and plumbing. So….their vines will shrivel right up and die. and they won’t know why. I would have been happy to untangle them and let them reweave them in their trellis. They just didn’t want to be bothered, (their words exactly. “W don’t want to be bothered.” Fine, then I”LL be bothered. Once.

I forgot my knitting and my sewing AND all my other handwork, so I’m a little at loose ends, So I guess I’ll garden a little. I think that when I go to the nursery, I’ll look for some verdisgris spray paint and paint my lizards. They are painted in bright colors right now and you know how hard the sea air is on a painted surface, So I’m thinking of spraying them with just that rust paint and hang them on one of my many wicker shapes.

Next week, it’s the grandkids and the pool all weekend and the weekend after that, it’s Arizona.
And I have to put up on some bird feeders (not just hummers) becasue I really love to sit outside and watch the birds flit around.

And we have to put in new front steps, too. And while we’re at it, I think I’ll go up on the roof and spray that down, too.


3 thoughts on “THey done got on my one last nerve. I am still not my regular sweet self

  1. I am not a bird lover…goes way back to my sisters in childhood…they are fine from a window, but I won’t sit on a porch THAT close. I love gardening though, and do have bird feeders, esp. hummers…

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