Chloe on a hot tin roof

I know I have mentioned that it gets hot here.
Really hot.
It is 109 right now.

It’s one hundred million thousand degrees in my house and I am not exaggerating. Not even one little bit.

The a/c is on UPSTAIRS, so we can at least sleep and the fans are on downstairs. We can have one or the other, but not both because my house was built in 1888 and has the original windows. Quaint, but not energy efficient. (The hotel? Dual paned. Over insulated. Super roofing insulation so even without the A/C, it is still livable.)

It is supposed to be 111 tomorrow (Thursday) and 114 on Friday.

I turned the heater off on the spa, in an effort to get warm-ish water, as opposed to the pool…which is deep and too cold at the deep end. I bet it is at LEAST 100 degrees cooler in the bottom of the pool that it is on the patio.

But it is good weather for cotton.


4 thoughts on “Chloe on a hot tin roof

  1. How well I know HOT! WE have monsoons on the way, which make it hunid too! Yikes! We have the A/C AND fans on 24/7 and still perspire! But summer is just one season and then it will be cool again!

  2. And up here we have a balmy 93. . . lol I suggest going over to the hotel and staying the night on those really hot ones.

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