The one where I get out the graph paper and the tape measure

I need a garage at the hotel. And a veranda on the back. And a place to put the elevator. And a place for the hot tub and a place to hang out the laundry.

Time to get out my #2 pencil.

We own the parking lot. I want some kind of secure fencing that magically opens so I don’t have to wrestle with gates. It has to be the non-climbing kind, since I also don’t want to come face to face with some gang banger smoking dope on my veranda. Razor wire, anyone?

I’m thinking that the elevator can come up from the parking lot and stop at the back veranda and you can come in the back door. There is a little utility hallway there that I was going to use as a mop room, but I could use the laundry room for my one mop, doncha think? How much mopping do you really think I do? (That would be little to none.)

That way, I could have a guest room in the back (which no one will ever use) and a guest room in the front (which no one will ever use). But it sure makes me look like I am a good hostess and what the heck am I going to do with the rooms anyway? Board them up? I already have the beds.

Anyway, I want a hot tub but I wasn’t really crazy about putting it practically on Main Street. If I put it on the back veranda, we can put up lattice (it has to be the squared kind, not the diamond kind) and REALLY have some privacy…not only for the hot tub but also for the laundry on the line and the other untidiness of life. Ooh, maybe I can figure out a trash chute so I never ever have to take out the trash again.

The elevator is in pieces. We bought it from a department store in Maine and had it shipped out. We have pictures of it being taken apart and all the pieces are numbered. I’m pretty sure Mike can get it back together. Sarah’s husband is an elevator guy; so is his Dad. They can help. So I’m pretty confident I won’t be falling to my death. And it is only two stories. How far is that, anyway? The pulleys and stuff go on top of the shaft, so it’s not like we have to excavate a big hole or anything.


2 thoughts on “The one where I get out the graph paper and the tape measure

  1. Good to see you talking about the hotel again. I might just be able to save enough money to visit by time as you get finished. Save one of those extra beds for me! Ü

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