The one where I test and test and test some more

I’m testing all this week. I ducat a bunch guys and test them in visiting….about 30 at a time for an hour. One bunch comes in, goes out and another comes in. It’s a 30 minute math test. If they don’t show up, I drop them from my program and they get their recess card yanked.

Harsh, but that’s the way of the world.

I have about 200 guys on the waiting list and every one of them is just one assignment and one test away from getting dumped. Miss either one and off you go.

I have about the same number of guys in the SHU just dying to get on the list…and it is tough to even get out there to get them tested. So once they are on the list, they make sure that they get their stuff turned in on time and show up so they don’t end up with nothing to do. Getting mail every day is pretty much the only entertainment.

This year, I am hoping to get actual GED testing started out there—they test up in Pelican Bay, where the whole place is the SHU and on lockdown all the time. If they can do it, I can’t see why we can’t. I can teach circles around anyone in Pelican Bay.

With a sack on my head.

On a bad day.


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