Knitting weather and shots in my head

The weather has finally turned–it is 20 degrees cooler today than yesterday. Most of the crops are in, except for the cotton and the raisins and I wonder how the farmers will manage to get them out of the fields with out a few more weeks of dry hot weather.

The grapes are already on the ground, lying on the papers, so they will mold right there if it isn’t dry and hot enough.
AND the cotton–well, those cotton farmers should go to Gambler’s Anonymous is all I’m saying. Every year is a terrific gamble. At least with cows you can manage to get something. With cotton it is all pinned on the last weeks of October and the weather.

We spent two days in the San Francisco—pretty boring, with no lights, no action, no shopping. Staying at the Cathedral Hill hotel on Van Ness and Geary (spacious room, balcony, garden view, quiet, good parking) and then went to UC/SF early the next morning for some head shots for my migraines. Not as awful as the last go round.

I go back in January and I’m hoping that I can get Lisi to take me. Mike hates driving in the city and is on edge the whole time. Even I’m not so bad, but of course, I can’t drive after having gigantic needles jammed up into my head. I stayed awake the whole way home (five hours) and we didn’t miss a single exit. I did feel goofy that day and the next but I feel fine today. I think it is sort of odd to have my life defined by my headaches, though. It’s the first thing I think of—the ONLY thing I thing of. How is my head? Sort of like having a colicky baby.

Next time we go to the SF, I think I want to go to Britex….if Mike doesn’t go with. I’m going to set the guest room up as a sewing room because I really like sewing and I’d like to make some shirts for myself out of some nice (non-WalMart) fabric to wear to work. Just nice, plain can’t-buy-to-off-the-rack stuff to wear with my plain don’t-look-at-me slacks. I work in the SHU and wear riot gear, so I have a real narrow idea of what is comfortable and easy to wear.

And speaking of the SHU, I am really loving my little GED Express program. I’m still only about a month ahead of the students, but I get about 25 lessons in a week to grade, write my little notes on the tests and shoot them right back out to them, so we have that little dialog. They get immediate feedback and a new lesson, which hadn’t been happening. At the end of each unit, they get a certificate. I test each week-once on the general population yard and then three days in the SHU in cages—which takes forever but in prison, time is really the only commodity anyone has. I think I have found my little niche. Now I just have to generate the numbers and progress to justify it to keep it.


3 thoughts on “Knitting weather and shots in my head

  1. I get the headache being all you think about thing. I have become one walking headache. It is all anyone talks to me about and, like you, the first think I think about in the morning. Can I get up today? Can I cope?
    Asked my doc about your shots and he investigated with the specialist. They are not available here…not enough research. Glad they are working for you, despite the goofy feelings for the first couple of days. How long can you go on having them?

  2. Trying to catch up on my break from quilt making. . . left a comment in the next post also.

    So you have a new job. . . what happened to the former class? Glad you are enjoying it.

    I would not allow them to give me those shots in my head. . . rather die first!

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