8am meeting

Coffee blah blah blah blah coffee blah blah coffee blah coffee blah blah blah blah

Great testing numbers over on “A” yard. 225 scores so far. 54 GEDs. Good job!

What are your plans for the inmates who work during the day? Haven’t given it a thought. (NOT MY PROBLEM and if you think I am coming in at night you are crazy).

What about the inmates who are locked down? Haven’t given it a thought. (NOT MY PROBLEM and if you think I am going into their cells you are crazy).

How about the inmates who don’t speak English and would like to take the GED test? I know the answer to this one!They can take it when they get OUT of prison. We don’t give it in Spanish here. I can;t give it because I TEACH it. The state GED guys are funny that way.

And where are we as far as GED testing in the SHU? (We aren’t certified by the state office.)
When will that happen? (When Nancy from Sacramento gets clearance. She has been trying to get that super duper FBI clearance now for, oh, three years. Ball is sort of in your court.)

Oh.You can go now.

So I drove down to McDonald’s got some breakfast and coffee and then came back to work and tested all day. And if I told you what that was like you wouldn’t believe it. Suffice to say, it is a good thing that we have prisons.


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