Finally! Knittng!

I’ve only made this particular pattern a million times

It’s on the blog here someplace. This one I made for Coach’s baby Jamie’s baby (Bob) Dylan. And I was so worried that it would be too little! I made most of it at work (over estimating my speed, as usual-it took almost two months). I used bamboo yarn in “vanilla frosting” and “cupcake” (an ivory and pale yellow). And man, is that bamboo stuff heavy when it gets wet! Blocks out nice, though.

When I’m working a a baby sweater, I have no real idea after a while what size it is, really. I take it to Target and hold it up to the newborn stuff and think “Well, it’s a wee bit bigger than this” and I hold it up to the 3 month stuff and I think “I better knit faster” and when I gave it to Coach it looked huge until he was across the room and then it looked impossibly tiny. So until I saw Dylan in it, I had no real idea if it was even going to fit over his head.

So welcome, Dylan!

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