Resolved: 2009

  • Move chloeknits to wordpress. I still have some little bugs to work out…I have three columns and no photo on my header. Must fix that. I can’t post photos and see them to move them around; all I can see is code. I guess it is a new thing in bloggerland. So here I am.
  • I’m trying to do more knitting this year. I have two baby sweaters to finish/start and a slouchy beret for ME for work. I found a pretty scarf that the multi-talented Brenna made. Fishtail, I think. Once I get my slouchy beret mastered, I want to make a scarf and beret on small needles for my own self. Garnet red with beads. I need a new coat, too. My last coat? I bought is at least ten years ago. In fact, I think I’m getting a camel colored wool car coat for work–something nice and classy and purchased in Utah where they know how to make coats. Maybe with a hood. And I have a sweater for Mike, which has been ripped out a million times (cashmere does well with the whole ripping and re-knitting cycle. Yay for great fiber.) And a chunky lace throw. I have the pattern but not the yarn and it’s about time I do some lacework, doncha think? I can’t avoid it forever.
  • Pay off my bills. Fiscally responsible of me.  First I try to pay off all the cards online…nope. Evidently, online is only if you DON’T want to pay the account off. I have to call a super duper top secret number, where Iget one of the rude minions, who wants to know my name, first and last. I tell him and he proceeds to call me by my first name. HOLD IT RIGHT HERE. “I’d prefer it if you would call me MRS I’m Paying Off My Card, if you don’t mind.” He promptly transfers me to a woman. She has no problem calling me MIPOMC and waiving the phone fee to do so.

And why could I not pay it online? It is set up to NOT allow you to pay it off online. This is a money making     business, you understand.

And all this time, I thought Visa was my friend.

I have a little balance on Amazon and an ever present balance on my gas card and then I’m free. Good feeling.

Of course, this didn’t magically HAPPEN. I’ve been working on this for an entire year. That would be an entire year of going to the lilbrary. Skipping Starbucks. Skipping the mall. Cooking and cleaning for my own self. (Ok. That was plain punishment for everyone concerned.)

  • My next budget cutting plan? My own yardwork. I know. I hate it. But since I am obviously the only one I can count on to do it and it is a nice way to unwind at the end of a very long, felon intense day, it will be good for me.

Plus you can take the girl off the farm but you can never take the farm out of the girl. I’d like to get my garden into sale-able shape. The bones are there and we’re going to e here for three more years before the economy perks back up.

So expect so interesting only to me garden shots as I make something wonderful out of my little corner of the world here. It is the perfect spot and I have a koi pond filled with great water for irrigation. I just need to get on the garden train every day and go for it. Simple design. Beautiful produce and above all, the illusion that it take only minutes to achieve.

I can do that.
I’ve been doing that my whole life.


2 thoughts on “Resolved: 2009

  1. You have some good plans. I didn’t realize I had posted here already and now you get two comments from me! lol

    I made a new one also and I am walking daily at least 2 miles and watching what I eat. (You know, SEE food, eat it! haha) I just started two days now and have 2 pounds gone. So glad we have had weather in the 50’s while the rest of the nation is freezing.

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