Quick trip to San Francisco

Two days, one spent mainly getting shots into my skull to stop my headaches. If you get them, you might want to stop by clusterheadaches.com, because that’s what I’ve got.  They are worse than migraines but as bad as they are, not as bad as most of the posters on that website. There is a video, too. I’m not that bad, either. Bad, but a lightweight compared to THAT.

So on the fun side, Lisi and I went to the Castro to Imaginknits and then at night, drove down to the Tenderloin so she could see what a really seedy neighborhood looked like. In the middle, I think we saw everything else. It was a looking weekend, not a shopping one.

I am in the market for a new coat but this isn’t the time of year to be looking for one. August. That’s when they’ve got heavy coats in the stores.

I’m almost done with my bamboo baby sweater for the nurse at the clinic and I’ve been looking for a super bulky something for a lace patterned throw for me. I really am looking for something that will look good up in the hotel, but I like this bamboo stuff so much (color: linen) that I may just stick with that. Boring, I know, but I LIKE it.

I’m also in the market for a luxe garnet something for a slouchy beret and scarf to wear with my not yet purchased new coat. It gets cold, walking out and about from yard to yard.


2 thoughts on “Quick trip to San Francisco

  1. They say that the pain from cluster headaches is bad enough that people commit suicide to escape.

    Don’t follow that route. I would miss you.

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