Do you check your prescriptions to see what they’d really cost?

Picked up my my headache stuff yesterday. I always like to check to see what my drugs would really cost—today would have set me back a THOUSAND DOLLARS. (Like a house payment)

I have stuff to take, stuff to snort and stuff to inject, besides the stuff I take every day.  I’m waiting for my oxygen, which is supposed to abort a cluster immediately.

This is in addition to the big ass shots into my skull that I get four times a year (I know. Yikes! They really help) and my favorite narcotic cocktail three or four times a month. I figure that just my heath benefits double my income so I can quit complaining about my case load and be happy I even HAVE a job, much less one that is so entertaining.

Not everyone responds well to Demerol. In fact, like almost no one does. Codeine and morphine is the drug of choice for most migrainuers–but not me. Codeine makes my heart stop and morphine is like shooting up with tapwater.


3 thoughts on “Do you check your prescriptions to see what they’d really cost?

  1. I personally LOVE Demerol. But if you tell anyone in the medical profession that, they look at you really funny because you are obviously a drug addict and just want a hit.

    1. Oh, yes.
      I have met my share of ER doctors who think they know BETTER THAN ME.
      *There’s Dr. Benadryl (if I wanted Benadryl, I’d be at Rite-Aide)
      * Dr. Saline (No, I do not need fluids. I pee just fine. My head is exploding.)
      *There there is Dr. I Don’t Think So (that was the doctor who called security because my husband scared him. My husband is pretty scary looking when I look like my head is going to explode).
      *Then there was Dr. OH. MY. GOD, who thought I was maybe going to have a stroke or something equally horrible and couldn’t get me admitted fast enough

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