Look what I found over at brooklyntweed!


I’m serious when I saw I want to improve my skills. Look at what I found over at brooklynntweed.


How handy that I’ll be in the San Francisco on Wednesday at imagiknits. I’m taking my big sofa pillow and asking for help and some super chunky needles. This is a lace pattern, albeit a SIMPLE lace…lots of yarns overs.

I barely can knit.

For serious.

And I’m slow.

So here I am, knitting really slowly and just doing really simple patterns like my favorite baby one,  which still makes me oh-so-happy because no matter how many times I make it, it turns into something different. Mainly because of a mistake I made and was too stupid to recognize.

So I’m thinking of something in a leafy, autuumal …maybe in amythest/garnet/amber super chunk. Or moss. I could do moss. Just not anything that is hairy and itchy.  And under $200. And I need the giant needles, too.


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