San Francisco

I had my appointment with my headache doctor in SanFrancisco this week, so Ben and Lisi and I took off early in the morn (fogfogfog)600-going-to-work-before-sf because we thought we’d be driving for hours in fogfogfog because that’s what we’d been buring in. Thick dense fogfogfog.

Imagine out surprise when ten minutes out of town, we saw the sky. 715-other-sde-of-townSo here is my travelogue, since I am so in love with California. There are PEOPLE who actually live their entire lives, wishing they could make this exact trip I’m taking today. Did you know that? And here I’m not only taking it, I take it ALL THE TIME. I could take it with my eyes closed.

I should be ashamed of myself for the riches I squander.

I grew up here and I can look at crops in the field and tell you what is growing. I can look at the trees and tell you what they are. You can probably look at an animal and tell if it ia cat or a dog, right? It’s the same kind of thing. Different crops look different. Different trees look…different. Their leaves look…different.  Drive past 100 acres of cilantro or cumin or chives or garlic and you can smell the difference. The dirt looks differnt, too, depending on where you are. The dirt over at the coast is really rich and the color of coffee ground. Here in the valley, it is sandy loam…drainage is great, so it’s good for cotton and wheat and  tomatoes and…well, it’s good for pretty much everything. The dirt on the way to San Frncisco is richer and it’s cooler, so they can grow artichokes and cool weather fruit . But for sheer variety? San Joaquin Valley.planting We have miles and miles of dirt.

People from the city (San Francisco/LA) will drive this long freeway and see nothing. Here’s what I see.

New orchards. Feedlots—where did you think all that meat in the market came from? (And we wouldn’t be raising them if you didn’t eat them…they don’t run wild someplace up in the mountains. These are high maintainence animals and if you can buy some Harris Ranch beef, do so. It is some good eating and great stuff to cook with.harris-ranch1Here is some knittingknitting-on-the-way-to-sf2…I should be finished by the end of January…this has been a pokey project with other thing going on. I hve a slate blue sweater all ready to go next, sitting in the basket, just waiting. This one has part of a sleeve, the cuff and then just seaming up. (See, I DO have nice knitting bags!)

I have figured out that I need to go get me some flicker…I am out of jpeg space. Be back when I get THAT figured out. I still have photos to post from my trip to Utah…spectacular ones!


2 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. On our way to San Jose a week ago, Tristan and I saw artichokes in full bloom, so to speak.

    They are one weird-looking crop — mutant thistles. How anyone figured out they could be eaten is beyond me.

    I can’t always recognize the trees.

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