More fine teaching until 2015

I renewed my teaching credential online last night and it is a far cry from…well, he whole darn world is a far cry from the ’70’s is all I can say.

In the olden days, I filled out a huge renewal form, sent of my money and waited (six weeks in the ’70s……eight months in the 90’s). Last night, I logged on, filled in the form, sent the money via Pay-pal and voila! I have the  confirmation number in my in box.

I have several life-time credentials (they don’t even issue them any more) and this one I renew every five years. It costs  me 32 cents a day to keep that credential current, just on the off hand that that is the one I need to use to keep my job. It is, of course, the one that is the most far-reaching and covers the absolute most classroom scenarios. My single subject math? Not so useful. Spanish? Who wants to learn Spanish is prison? Business? That is only useful in that I can do paperwork, of which there is a LOT. (I got a degree in accounting and I think everyone should take book keeping, typing  in high school and and personal finance in college. NOT business. You need to know how to organize the business of being alive and how to read a spreadsheet so no one can cheat you.

My bread and butter is my multiple subject credential which allows me to teach pre-school thru college. I can teach anything (okay, within reason) because I’m a TEACHER. I know how to TEACH. Which is dandy, because that is what I do.

We were talking about lay-offs at work—and keep in mind, I work in a 33 system “district” that hires sporadically after huge freezes. We have teachers who have worked system-wide less than 2 years and less than 5 years. Then there is a huge spread because ten and seventeen years ago, there were also mass hirings. The interesting thing about the vetern teachers (more PC than calling us old) is that when the new contract came out last year, we got credit for previous teaching experience and education. When I was hired, I got credit for my BA and 5 years experience.

This new contract moved me over to a totally different area on the salary schedule. I got credit for all of my education (a.lot. ) which moved me over to…well, there was nothing on the scale, so they moved me down until I hit money. My education turned into years of service.

Which has nothing to do with seniority, which has everything to do with layoffs which we aren;t even talking about right  now because we are going dark (without pay) throughout the state on the first and third Friday of every month.

And that’s okay with me. I’d rather take a pay cut. If God can run His kingdom on the 10% I tithe and I have been saving 10% my entire life already, I guess I can manage another 10%. Well, I know I can. I squander that 10%.

I have enough yarn. I have knitting needles. I have a garden. I can sew. There’s a library in town.


4 thoughts on “More fine teaching until 2015

  1. Looks like you are taken care of just fine. . . enjoy it while you can and rejoice that you have had good jobs all along. Living on social security stinks. Glad you got your credentials all taken care of so easy. I was one year too late to get my lifetim teaching certificate.. . . even so, I quit teaching one year before my certificate expired.

  2. Bad when even education is being hit be recession; Education and Health Care, the two most essential services, something is very wrong with this world. Here, there is talk of going down to a four day week. The hours of each day would be *slightly* longer, but would not add up to another full day in total. It’s an effort to pay us less, cost less in building maintenance and heating, etc. I wonder what the implications would be on child care for younger children whose parents still work five days a week and how the teens would fill their time constructively. So many things to think about. I do hope it’s not just bulldozed through with little thought.

    If they lay off teachers in your system, does that mean fewer inmates/clients will have access to education? Surely it must mean that. Not a good thing on so many levels.

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