The joys of living in a small town

Except for ten years in LA, I’ve always lived in small towns. (My definition? Fewer than two highway exits .)

I love so many things about a small town….my mailman knows me, my daughter (who doesn’t even live here any more), my mother (who has moved to UTAH with my sister). he was her mailman, too. He always asks after them.

My doctor? My mothers doctor, too. The nurses in the office ask after her. One of the nurses is having a baby and I knitted her wee babe a sweater (every new baby needs something made expressly for it).  She’s the one who gives me my headache shots and she never hurts me. baby_in_sweater_2_medium And that’s a BIG THING when you get as many shots as I do. I’m usually walking in, no appointment, with a huge headache and they slip me right in as quick as possible.

My grocery store…they stock the special cheese i like and I bet I’m the only  one in town who even buys it. I can send my kids down with a check and they’ll take it. My mother lived across the street and we set it up that way, so Ben could shop for her. The butcher will grind up hamburger with onion and turkey for me, because that’s the way I like it. I’ve forgotten my checkbook and been able to take my groceries home and come back the next day to pay for them. If mom was out of something, she could call me at work, I could call the store and they would not only fill her order, someone would take it over on their break.

My pharmacist went to high school with me. Needless to say, he watches out for me, too.  The giant-heartless-chain is not all that heartless. Mitch helps me manage my migraine meds–of which I have a cartload. And he never makes me feel like I’m an idiot, which would be pretty easy to do.

All in all, it is full of really nice people. And the not nice people? I can find them in the newspaper, under incident reports. I know who all is in jail and what for. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I didnt say it was exciting here, I said I like it.


2 thoughts on “The joys of living in a small town

  1. Sounds like there is no way you are moving to that island as you once thought– not with that ncie of people to help you there. And a hotel to live in one day too!

  2. I wish I felt about the town that I live in like you. I did once upon a time.

    I have seen so much go wrong with the growth.

    There are so many things that have gone by the wayside. When I was a child my grandparents would come home for the Homecoming day. Now there is so little to enjoy on that day.

    My father was a local celebrity while I was a teenager and up until I was a young adult. It is to bad you never got to meet him. He never locked his door until someone broke into his home. He was not hurt and the invader got away. Dad was 86 at time and lived in a “Safe living apartment” complex. He would tell you about how it use to be here if he were still with us.He passed at 92 years of age.

    All the things you like about a small town are what we once had here in Hanford.

    I am grateful I have my memories of the way it once was here.

    Welcome to our group of knitters (and other fiber arts).
    I think we have a great group of wonderful woman. Come and join us when you can.

    Dorothey from Once upon a time land

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