Up in the middle of the night

There must be something magic about the numbers 0338 because darn if I’m not awake every night right around now. My head hurts (imagine that) and it wakes me up. I have to wander downstairs and decide what in my arsenal, I’m going to take and how long I want to hurt and if I want to stick myself or not.

Entirely too much to think about this early in the morning.

And then it is COLD downstairs, so I have to get in to hot tub to warm up and I’m outside thinking that I’ve got to get up in a couple of hours and deal with…well whatever, since I never know. Whatever I think I’m going to be doing isn’t it.

I have lessons to mail out today and new students to enroll and a commercial to write for the institutional channel. A ton of mail to answer because I always have a ton of mail–probably 100 letters a day, which eats up a big chunk of my time. And then there is the to and fro-ing to where ever it is I’m going. That is a big time eater upper, too.

On the upside is yard work at the beach and knitting. Lunch with Nusan. I’m working on my February sweater for Liam’s wee baby and fixing a lace throw I made for my mother that has some dropped stitches I only noticed after I blocked it. (I think maybe that is where the term blockhead came from, since that is what I was shrieking.)

Brenna was right. I’m not too stupid to knit lace, just not as vigilent as I thought.  I’ll do better next time.536994927_06e8b9e6c51 It’s not as gray looking, either. Just a pretty white in a serviceable acrylic from Michael’s. One that will last forever. And once I got the pattern in my head, it was almost as easy as mindless knitting.


One thought on “Up in the middle of the night

  1. You must ahve posted this one after I came and saw no new ones.

    That is a pretty afghan stitch! I wish I ahd a hot tub! Will the hotel have a hot tub? Ü

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