I love to knit

I love the way the yarn feels and the way the needles click away and how the fabric that I made with my own hands falls off the needles. Love it.

I’m half finished with wee baby Joe’s sweater and I had made a really truly attempt to order Calmer from a knitting/yarn shop in Arizona…but I haven’t heard back from them, so I am guessing that that isn’t happening.

Lucky for me that I have some blue cashmere waiting in the wings….and then after that, I have another wee baby thing for a friend who has children as the one desire of her heart. So I thought I’d make something pretty so that she’d have something waiting for that wee one.

I was 30 when I had Ben and 35 when I had Lisi, so she still has plenty of time. Nusan was 40.


3 thoughts on “I love to knit

  1. Where’s the photos of all this? Ɯ

    You asked me if I had worked anymore on wordpress site. NOPE! I can’t figure it out. I wrote them for help and they replied twice but their answers did not help me. I want to use some photos wih certain writing and if I can’t do that, I say, forget it. Maybe I will move my poem to the other blog because I like it even better than my short story.

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