I am feeling sorry for myself

We (as in BOTH my husband and I )have the ooky flu here.

You know the kind..ooky-clean-up-after-yourself-kind. My-ears-hurt-kind. I-want-my-mama-kind. You are on your own kind because God knows, I’m in no shape to tend to anyone else and he’s in no shape to tend to me. In fact, when I’m this sick, leave me alone. Go away. Don’t talk to me.

Or in my case, I want my own personal children, who are in Utah, taking care of my mama, leaving me to take care of my own self.

I know I’m sick, because the dogs are looking at me like I’m going to die and then who will take care of them. You know the look.

I just spent 20 minutes standing in front of the open fridge,in hopes that something would suddenly leap out at me. There is nothing in there that is going to make me feel better. Root beer? Nope. Sushi? Nope. Eggs? Shudder. Corned beef? Salad? Soup? Shrimp? Ice cream? Chai tea with real cream?

Nope. This.st_redbull_f

And after I have some of this stuff (I buy it by the case because it is the one non-narcotic thing that stops  my head-maybe) and after I take a nap and I feel better (because I will, eventually)

I’ll work on thiscurrent-project, which is such an easy little knit for Joe’s wee little baby over there in Mallow. I’m using this , which I got here which is just a joy to dream-baby-spot-print-302work with in the 302 BabySpot, which is mainly white with bits of yellow, Capri blue and aqua in it. Very pretty.  And lovely to work with. It’s the microfiber that makes it work just like butter. I have the front and the sleeves done; just the back to finish up and the wee little sailboat buttons to put on and then off it posts.  I’m really surprised (and pleased) at how fast it worked up, seeing as how there was a pattern to pay attention to. The yoke part took the entirety of House Bunny to finish. The sleeves? Fireproof. (My own personal children have my camera, so no real photos of my work. 😦

And my jaw still hurts from the three hours I spent LAST WEEK in the dentist’s chair.

I hates the dentist. Even if it was free. Which it is not.

Even if they gave away yarn.

Which they do not.

And I am going to miss my hometown knit and Panera because I have cooties too hideous to spread.

O, woe be me.

Pass me another Red Bull.


10 thoughts on “I am feeling sorry for myself

  1. I didn’t know Oat Couture had baby patterns! I love that company; and that pattern is too, TOO cute. One of my own personal favoritest sweaters is Oat Couture.

    I am sorry you’re feel ooky. And that taking care of yourself? Sucks. Big Time.

    Has your own personal mama figured out that Judy is no saint, yet?

    1. Yes, she has. She was doing her “Ooooh, I wish I was deeeeaaaadddddd” wail and Lisi really lost her temper with her. Here Lisi was using up VACATION DAYS. She could have gone to Catalina with friends but nope, here she was, taking care of “SELFISH WHINEY I WANNA DIE. HOW DO YOU THINK THAT MAKES ME FEEL? I could be sitting one the beach but nope. Here I am, taking care of you and you’d like my last memory of you be ” I waaanntt to diiiiieeeeee.” Not, “Gosh Lisi, I’m so glad you came out to see me.” Not, “Wow, Ben! Look! You are fixing my very favorite things for lunch!” Not “Look how thoughtful you two are, writing letters to all my friends. LOOK HOW LUCKY I AM.” Nope, Not MY Grandmother. How my mother managed to remain as happy day in and day out WITH YOU AS HER MOTHER I WILL NEVER KNOW.
      And then she stomped out. Ben of course, was in the kitchen, fixing lunch, listen to the baby monitor, When Lisi stomped in, she told him “Not ONE WORD. I am an adult and I, HAVE. HAD. IT.”
      Evidently fences were mended, becsue the IWTD crap stopped. And Mom asked if Lisi would MIND coming out the next time she had some time off….if she promised to not to beg God to let her die while Lisi was there.

  2. Oh, chloe, I’m sorry. This too will pass.
    I am nursing John who has the temperature, the cough, the aches, etc. When I told him your Henry VIII wife image, he said it would almost be worth being a woman to be able to use it!
    Feel better soon.

  3. Hey Chloe….I am interested in your saying that Red Bull helps your headaches. I have suffered with them all my life……is it because of the caffeine in them? If you don’t mind, let me know how much you drink when you feel a pounder coming on. Also..is it just the regular Red Bull or is there a certain kind? ( I am ignorant about it. )

    Please email me at weenie102@hotmail.com

  4. I hope you feel better really soon. I understand about being sick andno one to take care of you — that happened to me two weeks ago when I got a really abd cold and stayed in bed for two and a half days before I even tried to get up.

    I haven’t tried Red Bull. . . not sure I want to.

    BTW, where is that hubby of yours — doesn’t he take care of you?

  5. Hi Chloe,
    Sorry to hear about both of you with the ookies!
    Was reading about RED BULL. Amazing stuff. I think it is the caffeine that’s in it, probably?
    Anyway, I hope you are feeling much better and that you are back to work and recovered quickly. When you wrote “I want my mommy!” I sure could empathize.
    Take care of yourself!

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