The one about my book diet…2009

I love to read.

I belong to an online book club (I only know one person in it in real life) and ravelry’s 52 Books/52 weeks. It is six weeks into 2009 and I have read 20 books. Or rather, I have Posted about the 20 books I’ve read. I have five or six on my nightstand I need to mention.

I have long dreamed of having my own books and my own library. I have both–my library is on the top floor of a building downtown, which we have been working on for 13 years. Once the housing market goes up, we’ll sell this house (oh, house of the hot tub and garden, chickens and lambs) and live upstairs with two rolling ladders and floor to soaring ceiling stuffed with books.

But right now, in 2009, I am on a book diet. Not a reading diet, just a buying diet. I figured I spend so much money in taxes that at the very least, I should enjoy the library. ANd once I figured out the online reservation ValleyCat thing…hoo boy! Am I in business!

It is a turning point of sorts for me. I would skip lunches to buy a book. I would trade an ice cream cone at Thrifty’s for a Nancy Drew book (it was $1.25 and I’m sure the ice cream was far less but you get what was important to me).

There are several reasons I started this book diet. One is the economy. It sucks. My husband is a contractor and guess what? No one is building. We are heavily invested in real estate and guess what? No one is buying. I  am for the first time in years, going grocery shopping with an internal dialog….what is the better buy? Does it make any difference if I buy this or that? Do I need Dole quality or can I go with something cheaper? I worked in packing sheds, so I like to think I can recognize the quality in different brands.  I’ve started taking my lunch to work. Started making a cuppa instead of stopping at Startbucks. Then there is the car payments, the property taxes, the huge overhead coupled with a daughter in college…..well,  saving money was becoming more important to me than owning a book I could read in a few hours.   I also saw a limit on book buying as an opportunity to enrich my personal life by experiencing the library more fully as a patron; chossing books that pique my interest, rather than just what I happen to be able to find that looks good.

Oh, baloney! Part of me just wants to see if I could do it.

So, keep your eye on this space.

I’ll tells yous.


One thought on “The one about my book diet…2009

  1. I like to think I use the library to see if I like the author. When I have read a great book — especially mysteries — then I go out and buy it.

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