Horoscopes and family dynamics

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About the Capricorn Parent..this would be me

A Master Provider

As a Capricorn parent, your focus is on working hard for your family and meeting your responsibilities. In fact, you may work a little too hard! Your intentions are good, but you can place too much importance on being a dutiful provider and not enough on other things that truly matter, such as spending quality time with your kids and developing a warm, nurturing connection with them.

You might be more comfortable with the rigors of your career and trying to make ends meet than you are with sticky emotional situations with your children, but you have an ace in the hole: Capricorns, by nature, seek constant improvement. If there’s something lacking in your relationship with your children, you can identify the problem and work to correct it.

You’ll teach your kids about the value of money and reliability, and you’ll educate them in the importance of keeping their promises. In fact, you’ll be a real authority figure in their lives. They’ll respect you; you might even intimidate them without realizing it or meaning to do so.

Part of your job as a parent will be learning to lighten up a bit and become more affectionate and spontaneous. This way, you can create a balance between work and play, and your children will love and appreciate you even more for the effort. You’ll set a positive example for them when it comes to maturity, planning, and working steadily toward your goals. Just don’t be too hard on them if they’re not quite as driven as you are. (My mantra: they aren’t me.)

A Serious Existence…this would be Ben

Your Virgo child takes after you in so many ways: He’s grounded and practical, even as a youth, and he appreciates the well-ordered, stable home life you provide. He thrives in a structured environment, which feeds his innate preference for symmetry and organization. You notice and appreciate early on the way your little Virgo keeps his room clean and helps out with the household chores, often without being asked. And all of that is wonderful, but who brings the levity to your lives?

You and your child are both mature for your age, perhaps overly so. You’re both emotionally reserved, and you respond more to practical concerns than to emotional appeals. If there’s no one around to lighten the mood and remind you to relax and — gasp! — play once in a while, life in your house could get pretty serious. Which is where Lisi comes in…

A Brilliant Thinker…this would be Lisi

You’re quite impressed by your Aquarius child’s natural ingenuity. Even when she’s very young, you can tell you’ve got a brilliant thinker on your hands. This kid could grow up to be an important scientist, strategist, or inventor! But don’t push any particular career path on your little one. Instead, let her explore ideas and influences in her own way and at her own pace. Give her plenty of time and encouragement to investigate her many theories.

You’ll find that your little Aquarius has plenty of drive, but her unusual interests may challenge your traditional values. Don’t be surprised if, unlike you, she shows little concern for status or a reliable income, and instead chooses a career path that combines humanitarian concerns with her love of anything innovative and previously untried. Don’t hinder her natural independence, either, or she could become quite rebellious.

The Great Communicator…this would be Mike

As a Gemini parent, you bring a sense of fun and humor to your household. You love to challenge your family intellectually, so you can often be found working on crossword puzzles with your kids or playing a game of Scrabble after dinner.

Conversation and debate are an integral part of your family life. You love reading to your children, taking them to a movie, or watching a TV show together, and then discussing it afterward. You value a keen mind and will raise your kids to be as sharp-witted, curious, and opinionated as you are.

Communication is one of your strengths, but as a Gemini, you tend to intellectualize your emotions, getting caught up in logic and skimping on your intimate connections. So be sure to let your children know how you feel, especially how much you love and support them. And be openhearted and comforting when they need it.

Your children will adore your fun-loving, mercurial mind. Your tastes change often, and your kids are likely to find this both exciting and stimulating.

But be sure to provide them with a stable base as well. Children need continuity and routine, and it’s important that you provide your kids with rituals they can count on, such as regular family dinners, a bedtime routine, time to do their homework and exercise, and so on. You can bring spontaneity and amusement into your family life in other arenas to far better effect.

Mutual Respect…this would be Ben (who adores Lisi) and Lisi (who accepts Ben totally)



These kids share a lot of respect. Spats are rare because both consider arguments and other messy emotional displays a waste of time. Virgo is just too practical for petty back-and-forths, and Aquarius has too many projects calling her attention.

They play together well from an early age, with Aquarius in the role of idea person and Virgo as the faithful assistant. Following Aquarius’s interesting, unusual lead offers Virgo, who is normally quite cautious, a chance to experience the thrill of stepping outside her comfort zone. (They travel well together and Ben will even eat sushi. Doesn’t love it, but he’ll eat it.) Virgo knows Aquarius is devoted and trustworthy, not to mention brilliant, which enables Virgo to loosen up a little and take risks he wouldn’t otherwise.

Since Aquarius is interested in improving the world and Virgo has a keen eye for practical problem-solving, you’ll really enjoy watching these two grow up together and combine their strengths to great and fascinating effect.


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