I broke my elbow soup

My best friend, Marjii had to have her elbow rebuilt and while she can bend it, she can;t UNBEND it. So I made up this soup recipe for her…with thanks to another friend, VirÜ

I broke my elbow soup

Delicious and very easy to make

I rotisserie chicken (original) from the market—-picked off bone

2 cans great northern beans..the S&W kind..quality really does make a difference. Drain one.

2 cans chicken broth ..the kind with garlic in it

Pico de gallo…find it over in the prepared salad secion, It is rough chopped tomatoes, onions and cilantro (you could do it yourself, unless your elbow was broken

If you have some V-8 juice or carrot juice, add a generous splash of both.

Heat till hot or put in crock pot till it gets good and hot

You can add more beans or more chicken, depending on your budget. Since everything is pre-cooked, it only takes about an hour.

Super easy, filling and great with fresh bread. Not too much of a bite to it.


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