The one about knitting

3167229313_e2e99b808d-throw2I’m serious about learning new things-really. I found this over at brooklynknits.

When I was in Salt Lake, I went to Kamille’s and bought some Tokyo yarn to make a scarf for Judy. It is a novelty fiber and very fancy. The pattern is just 5 rows of knit and a triple drop stitch for about two balls of Tokyo. It looks very fancy but is nothing to work on. Tokyo is ONLY  good for something like that: it is thin with a little sparkly mettalic fluff every so often.  I have a photo and it just looks like a mess, but in real life, it is very pretty. This scarf (hideous photo) proves that you really can’t get too much of a good thing. Beautiful yarn does it for for you and this one is really great. I had to re-wind it into a ball and the drop it into a ziplock,. The scarf  looks like fact it looks like I caught a mermaid in a silver net. I’ve already put my order in for some more. What you see on the web just doesn’t do it justice.

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