The one where I’m up in the middle of the night

Mango juice. Nope.

Milk. Nope.

Hot tub. Nope.

Internet…check my emails; chat with Liz (gosh, she looks great! I wish I had long hair!)

Check T-net. Nothing there.

Write some cards. Read a little. Knit a little. It is 0245…and I’m just restless. I guess I should be glad that I can GET restless and so something about it. I could fold laundry or do the sihes dishes, but that sounds too much like work (and noise). I guess I will try the hot tub again. I finished off all the mango juice and I only have enough milk for coffee in the morning.

If this doesn’t work, I guess I’ll pay some bills online. That always makes the time speed by.

0919 Update

It was my head. I took all my abortive meds and sucked on oxygen until the tanks were empty. Went in, got a shot (well,four) since my BP was, oh….235/198. My head really hurts. If I could have found a drill, I would have let the evil spirts out around 0300.  It’s been 45 minutes now and it is just starting to ease up a little. One day I’m not going to be able to get a shot and I will just up and die. No pulling my hair; no banging my head. I’ll just drop in my tracks. I think there are only so many more clusters I have room for in my head.


3 thoughts on “The one where I’m up in the middle of the night

  1. You and me both. I finally took a Valium and got to bed at 2:30 — but this morning I have SERIOUS medicine head. As in, Whoa do I feel stupid or what?

  2. Oh dear! I know what you mean. This time change is really doing a number on me. Marji took a valium and I take half of an excedrin PM when I REALLY can’t sleep and I am out for a solid 10 hours. Not sure what it has in it but if I take a whole one I could never have taught the next day.
    Chloe, when can you retire? I am wondering if STRESS triggers the majority of problems. It did mine. Once I retired I have been REALLY healthier and happier in many ways. The stress disappeared and has never reappeared.

    Now I am working on ANXIETY issues. ha! Wondering here what next? *wink*

    Take good care of you!!!!!!!!!!

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