The one where Mom perks up

I had a short little conversation with her today about 2:30 my time.

She hate my hair. It is TOO short and TOO white. What was I going to do next? Get a tattoo? (“Well actually, yes. A hummingbird on my foot. Whay do you ask?”) Oh, she sighed, “What WILL you think of next?”

She had a lot of questions: Did I know where she was? Who’s idea was THAT? Did I know that Judy can’t cook a lick?

She remembered a lot of what I babbled about last week, when I spent the majority of the week sitting next to her bed.

She remembered that Ben and Lisi had visited and called. She remembered Mike was there. She asked about my dogs, Rocket and Tank.” Oh, and did that Irish guy win the election? ” “Kennedy?” “Do you not read the newspapers? That O’Bama guy…the one with the tall wife and the little girls. Honestly, you have got to keep up with the world or it will pass you right by.”

I told her I had bought a purple dress and she told me to find some flowered heels–that would look nice and springy.

Then she said she was plumb worded out and would talk to me later.


3 thoughts on “The one where Mom perks up

  1. The Irish guy O’Bama? Too good!
    You can see where you get some of your character. I am glad you are having some wonderful moments together to balance out some of the sad ones. It’s all bittersweet.

  2. I wish I had words to help.

    You took care of her for so long, it must be really hard to have her in Judy’s (inadequate) care.

    It matters that you were there when it counted. Really, callous as it sounds, NOW isn’t what matters. This is just a time of letting go and passing — hard on those who will be left behind, but not particularly hard on those who will be leaving.

    She has already started the journey. That is her focus. The reason she doesn’t recognize the woman in the pictures with James is because, in her mind, that’s not her. She’s much, much younger.

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