My mother loved to sing

This is the kind of music I was raised on. When my Aunt Jewell moved to a new town, she would go from church to church, just LISTENING for familiar songs. (No need to waste her time sitting in church to see if it would work for her. She had four kids to raise by herself and finding “her” church was second on the list to finding a place to live).

I can remember my mother singing around the house all the time when I was little; not so much for years after Marnie was killed.  After she and Da retired to the little farm, she would sing to herself and when Da was bedfast, she would read and hum these songs. She could hear a song once and remember it-my Da used to say she had the best memory of  anyone he ever knew.

Now, her memories are locked safely away inside her heart. I hope she saved all the good ones-there were many.


2 thoughts on “My mother loved to sing

  1. It’s tough! Know that she will be whole again…….and rejoin your father. I know my mom is happier in heaven than on earth. She has to be and I just know it.

    Start collecting her kind of music for the days when you will need to listen carefully and remember her sweet words and helpful suggestions. My mom’s favorite song was “Fascination.” She would play it on the piano. That’s about the only thing I ever heard her play………she didn’t take piano lessons.

    Oh well, still one of my favorites.
    Hugs to you as you transition with her into this phase.
    Hope she has a cd player by her bedside.

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