The one where the sun is shining

All I can say is that when life decides to smack you around, it REALLY can smack you around. In ways you never even thought of.

That said, I’m getting ready to trot off to the market. My fridge is totally empty. I don’t even have milk.

I am amusing myself by watching 10,000 B.C.  and talking to the screen. I think there were three or maybe four reasons this movie was made.

  1. Somebody learned how to make some cool computer stuff. (“Hey! I can make this saber tooth tiger jump and stuff. Let’s make a movie!”)
  2. Somebody found a bunch of whack costumes. (Those bamboo outfits? Please. The staffs made out of vertebra? Oh. Please.)
  3. Somebody got drunk and made up languages and thought “Cool! Let’s make a movie! I’ll be the dialect dude.”
  4. Let’s go to Utah! We can walk around the sand dunes. And it SNOWS there! And they have mountains and rocks and stuff. And we could use the Salt Flats for something. (I don;t know if they went to Utah or not. But it’s a pretty good idea. Plus they can computer generate anything Utah doesn’t have.)

I’ve finished my silver scarf this month (photos later. Left my camera at home). Cutting the fringe today and doing a larkshead to stick it on.


(That is a real professional application, Ha!)

I have some really pretty laceweight I’m using for Lisi’s  drop stitch scarf . I got it from here on etsy and it looks like this (photos from epicurus)this-is-lisi. It is even prettier in real life.

The scarf is just a simple drop on US 11 needles. I cast on 40 stiches and knit eight rows, then I wrap the yarn three times around the needles and knit “normally”. The next row, pick up the first stich and let the wraps “drop” off. It is simple and pretty…NOT a scarf for warmth, but for looks.


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