The one where I write a contract

At work.

No lights. All of the automatic gates (we get buzzed thru) will have to be manned and someone will personally have to let us in and out. No lights in the bathrooms.  We had to unplug our computers when we left work.

So today, after I got all my end of the month stuff done (I had a turnover of 235 students. I only HAVE 120 spots.)–I printed out info letters AND envelopes. Tomorrow I stuff them and mail them out.

I have to have a contract letter on file or they aren’t really enrolled. It’s a minor-minor-minor detail, but they have to sign that they know the class doesn’t affect their status –they are still C/C or SHU or A2B—none of which are as good as A1A. A1A has more canteen, more phone calls, more yard time….more everything. C/C (sea  over   sea) is totally closed down. No phone, no visits, no nothing.

Then there is the issue of day for day  or 85%—my class doesn’t do anything to your sentence. Some classes do. For every day they go to school, they get a day off their sentence. (Weekends, too.) Not this class.

All you get from this class is a GED or your TABE score popped up enough to get a pay number. Interesting factoid–lots of inmates have jobs, but no pay numbers. They just have somewhere to go.  All paid workers have to read, write and do  math at a 9.0 (ninth grade). If they don’t, they can keep on working but just won’t get paid.

And the pay? Most jobs pay somewhere around $13/month. 50% of that goes to the indigent inmate fund. Then whatever percentage for restitution. So they end up with $4 or $5. And they have to pay a $5 co-pay for dental or medical visits.  Any money they get sent in on their books is “taxed” the same way.


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